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Eavestrough Mississauga – Infographic

Professional eavestrough services in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton and Brampton. Installation and repairs.  Request Free estimate

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Fascia and soffit repairs

High winds, snow and ice, animals – major cause of soffit and fascia, downspouts damage. Aluminum fascia boards at roof gables  and downspouts are often picked by strong winds and soffit panels are lifted or damaged by squirrels, birds and raccoons trying to find a comfortable living in the roof attic. Here comes help – […]

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Wind damaged eavestrough | repair in Mississauga

Eavestrough Repair Here is some “Before and After” images of emergency eavestrough repair that was done recently in Mississauga. We received a call from a customer saying that last night high winds blew off an eavestrough section at rear of their townhouse unit. Same-day appointment was scheduled.  At first, we thought it was a very […]

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THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF MISSISSAUGAPROPERTY STANDARDS BY-LAW 654-9820(2) Water run-off from roof surfaces shall discharge into an eaves trough orgutter and thence to a downpipe, discharging into a storm sewer and alleaves troughs and drainpipes shall be maintained:(a) watertight and free from leaks; and(b) in working order and free from health hazards.(3) Downpipes […]

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