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New eavestrough system with T-Rex guter guard

Saturday, Milton:
Local weather forecast was: 60% chance of thundershowers close to -1 mm, So we decide to start the job.
Well, it was raining on and off pretty much all day, and much, much more, then 1mm.
..Cheers to weather network folks once again 😉 !

eavestroughing in Milton

New 5 inch seamless eavestrough system with Alu-Rex T-Rex gutter guard solution + rain barrel set up  was a best choice over outdated 4 inch eaves with lack of drainage.

T-Rex gutter guard


Gutters and eavestrough in Milton
Rain Barrel with Y-Diverter set up

..IMHO, only 2 things left to make exterior look sharp again -new wall flashing + new shutters.

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