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Custom aluminum cladding / capping

Our company also offer custom garage door wooden frame cladding / capping, windows or bay windows, regular or custom door frame cladding, exterior wooden panel capping  with aluminum.

Save your garage door frames

We put any color, any complexity, any profile aluminum cover. The best price. Free hands for you right now.

Open wooden frame of the garage door needs to be repainted regularly. And even if painted, the wood continues to decay and rot, with loss of up to 30% a year. Aluminum protection of the wood prevents the decay of the wood and headache of the owners. It looks much more presentable also. Aluminum does not rust. When properly maintained, the aluminum cladding protected garage door jamb can last you up to 10 years. In addition, aluminum protection of the garage door jamb decreases drafts and increases energy efficiency of the house. It’s important if your garage is heated in winter or if there’s a room above it.

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