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Proper maintenance of your gutters (or eavestroughs) is essential to avoid water leakage, which can cause serious and costly damage to your property. To keep your gutters and downspouts in good working condition, it’s important to remove any debris that might clog them and prevent water from flowing down the gutter and away from your home.

Regular cleaning and the installation of leaf guards, such as the highly recommended Alu-Rex brand, can help keep your downspouts clear and prevent leaves from entering the gutter. At Maxima Aluminium LTD, we use 5″ and 6″ seamless aluminum or copper gutters and matching downspouts that are durable and long-lasting.

Maintaining your gutters and downspouts requires the use of a ladder, which can be dangerous if not used properly. If you’re not comfortable working on a ladder, we recommend hiring a professional to do the job. Safety tips from the American Ladder Institute are available to help prevent ladder-related injuries.

To clean your gutters, use a ladder to access them and scoop out any debris inside. Then, flush the gutter with water from a garden hose attached to a spray nozzle. Keep the water pressure low to allow the water to flow naturally down the gutter and into the downspout.

If you notice that water is not easily flowing down the gutter and out of the downspout, you may have a blocked downspout. In this case, try pushing the hose down the downspout to remove any debris. If this doesn’t work, contact Maxima Aluminium LTD for assistance.

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