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Alu-Rex t-rex

Gutter Guards or gutter screens are an effective way to keep your gutters or eaves troughs free from unwanted leaves and debris which can block your gutters and cause them to overflow, potentially causing damage to your building walls, and even to your house foundations if leaking is allowed to continue for extended periods without being stopped. At Maxima Aluminium we can help with routine maintenance of your gutter guards, gutters/eaves troughs, fascia and sidings, or we can install or replace your existing items if they have become damaged or rotten, or you just want to improve the look of your property.

Maxima Aluminum LTD is certified to install Alu-Rex’s T-Rex, an innovative gutter management system with a continuous hanger designed to keep your gutter straight and clean for many years. T-Rex continuous hanger comes with a lifetime warranty covering robustness and defects in materials. This system prevents ice from penetrating inside the gutter and helps water drain away while extending the life of your gutters by making them stronger, from end to end.

For even better protection (especially from pine needles) there is a Alu-Rex Double Pro system:


Also Consider Gutter Clean System by Alu-rex designed for existing gutters. The Gutter Clean System keeps leaves and debris from getting into and clogging the eavestroughs. Backed by a 40 year warranty your rain gutters will not clog.

We make it our business to deliver quality services to our customers and we are a highly rated, professional company that really cares for our customers. We can install, repair and carry out routine preventative maintenance which can save you money in the long run by avoiding costly damage further down the line, as outlined above with sidings. We are a long established, trusted and respected company which has served thousands of satisfied customers over the last ten years or so.

For quality and peace of mind with all servicing, installations, repairs, and maintenance or replacement of your gutter systems, eves troughs and gutter guards, please call us on (416) 875-6366 as we will be happy to assist with any of your needs. We can also provide you with a free cost estimate with no obligations by filling out our form in the right hand column.

Areas we serve include: Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughan, Milton, and surrounding areas.

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