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If your house is 20 years or older – usually it is a time for new eavestrough system, as it probably has either outdated, rusty metal or small capacity (4 inch aluminum) gutters – in both cases secured with spikes and way past due their lifespan. Newer systems with minor problems like leaky corner, small separation from fascia board, broken or detached downspout – are most likely fixable. If you not exactly sure if your eavestrough system needs replacement or can be fixed – don’t hesitate – contact our experts for FREE advice 416-677-8191 or 416-875-6366 and we will be glad to answer your questions.

In many cases – it’s not necessary as most of the soffit and fascia areas are either protected by eavestrough (gutters) or by roof overhead;

Unless it is in bad condition (damaged or rusted) or you prefer to get a refreshed, new look of your property. You can change color or  can keep it original.

We install K-style, pre-painted, seamless, aluminum (.023,.027,.032 gauge), 5 and 6 inch gutters (eavestrough) with different downspout sizes

Maxima Aluminum LTD is official and certified Alu-Rex™ products installers. After many years of experience and comparison, we found that Alu-Rex™ gutter products are most reliable and price balanced on the market. We install T-Rex systems, Double Pro systems  and Gutter Clean systems . However, if customer prefer different brand/type gutter guard system to be installed – it will be done with same workmanship quality.

Simply complete our online estimate form or contact us by phone at (416) 875-6366 or (416) 677-8191. And Yes, our estimates are FREE. Also please try our Online Gutter-Cost-Calculator™ to calculate eavestrough and leaf-guard price by yourself.

We can offer about 30 different colors at same price, however, there are also 10 premium colors that are slightly more expensive and may require additional waiting time for delivery. To view our color chart click HERE

You don’t have to be present, however we will need access to electricity. A working, outside power outlet will be sufficient.

When the new product is installed, it will be covered by a 3 -year written warranty for our workmanship and 25-year warranty on materials (provided by manufacturer) Our warranty support is available during the entire year.

Yes, we covered with WSIB and  2.000.000$ liability coverage. View policy

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