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Downspout -Y- diverter – spliter

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The humble Downspout Diverter is these days becoming not so humble, as it becomes a top selling item due to the recent increase in popularity of the Rain Barrel. Which I suppose makes sense. If you’re going to install a rain barrel you’re definitely going to need a downspout diverter.

A downspout diverter, also known as a downspout adapter, is an optional component of a building’s gutter and downspout system. It allows greater control over the direction of rainwater flow. Most often, a downspout diverter is used as part of a rainwater catchment system to redirect water flow into a catchment container before it exits the downspout’s outlet. Simple downspout diverters direct water into the container until it is full, at which point the overflow backs up into the downspout and continues out the regular downspout outlet to the ground or a drain. A downspout diverter might include an on/off feature that allows the user to redirect the water flow manually.

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