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THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF MISSISSAUGAPROPERTY STANDARDS BY-LAW 654-9820(2) Water run-off from roof surfaces shall discharge into an eaves trough orgutter and thence to a downpipe, discharging into a storm sewer and alleaves troughs and drainpipes shall be maintained:(a) watertight and free from leaks; and(b) in working order and free from health hazards.(3) Downpipes […]

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Maxima Aluminum LTD – GTA local eavestrough | gutter professionals

Little Promo-Video about our company services I’ve created over a weekend

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Copper Roof & Aluminum Eavestrough – It good ?

Copper Roof and Aluminum Eavestrough  The selection of Eavestrough material must account for the potential of Galvanic or Electrolytic Corrosion at contact points with other metals and at supports. Also, the special selection is required for corrosive environments such as coastal or polluted industrial atmospheres. Galvanic or Electrolytic Corrosion can occur when dissimilar metals are […]

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Is it a right time for new Eavestrough?

When to replace your eavestrough? Knowing when to replace your eavestrough | gutter isn’t always as obvious as missing pieces and crushed channels – small leaks and holes can develop over several months, and often go unnoticed. But if you know the tell-tale signs of decaying eavestrough, you’ll save some time and money being able […]

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