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    Maxima-Aluminum Ltd has been servicing and installing eavestroughs, soffit, fascia, siding, downspouts and leafguards in Vaughan for over ten years.

    Our quality, reliable, fully insured contractors has been impressing local clients.

    One of our thousand plus clients wrote us this review, “Stas and Gennadiy are a good example of true hard working and honest men. They replaced our eavestrough and installed new leaf guards. I’m glad to see that there are contractors out there who still know how to provide good and honest service. Reasonable price but overall nothing beats satisfaction. I highly recommend Maxima Aluminium”

    For those unfamiliar with terms such as eavestroughs, soffit, fascia, siding, downspouts and leafguards here is an easy to understand guide:

    Currently rated with the highest scores possible on and BBB (5 stars, and an A+ rating respectively) at Maxima-Aluminum we aim to deliver the best customer experience possible.

    Maxima-Aluminum offers free estimates for customers in Vaughan and area. Contact us today to book your free estimate – your house deserves it.

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