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    Does your Brampton home have old, damaged, clogged up or broken eavestroughs? Do you realize that if the answer is yes that this can cause damage to your house? Canadian winters can be especially tough on eavestroughs. It’s vital to maintain or replace your eavestroughs. If eavestrough and gutters are ignored and unmaintained then they can threaten the integrity of your house. Old or unmaintained eavestroughs can separate entirely from your roof along their connection points. Such damage can result in needing to replace the eavestroughs AND repair the exterior of your house. Sections of eavestroughs that are allowed to leak can eventually cause wood to rot from within; again, this results in very costly replacements and repairs. All of these problems can be prevented with regular maintenance or replacement of eavetroughs.

    Maxima-Aluminum LTD is a eavestrough and gutter installation and repair company that services Brampton. We specialize in full eavestrough (gutter), downspout, soffit, fascia, leafguard, and siding servicing and installation in Brampton. For those who don’t know what each of these terms refer to here is a cheat sheet:

    You can trust Maxima-Aluminum LTD to help repair or replace your Brampton home’s eavestroughs. We offer free estimates on all projects. All projects are fully insured and our eavestrough experts offer reliable service.

    Our top priority is to impress our Brampton customers with quality, affordable work. To read some of the many compliments our thousands of customers over the last ten years have given Maxima-Aluminum LTD please look at our testimonials page.

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