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Eavestrough or Gutter Cost Calculator™

How much Eavestrough or Gutters cost per foot?

This easy-to-use tool developed by Maxima Aluminum LTD to help our customers to understand average or even precise cost of  eavestrough (or gutter) full replacement or brand new installation on average Canadian residential property such as detached, semi-detached house or townhouse.

 How to use Eavestrough (Gutter) Cost Calculator™ :

All you need to know is approximate or precise (for more accurate price quote) linear footage of your house roof line where eavestrough (gutters) needs to be installed or replaced, total number of  eavestrough corners or miters (inside and outside) and amount of downspouts (per story) – calculator will do the rest for you!


Eavestrough (Gutter) Cost Calculator™ also allows you to get an average cost for Gutter Guard (or Leaf Guard)

Gutter guards can be installed along with your new eavestroughing system.

We use Alu-Rex T-Rex product that works as continues hangers to make your brand new eavestrough extremely durable and protect from leafs and debris at the same time.

Also, Gutter Cost Calculator™ tool can estimate installation of Alu-Rex Gutter Clean system, that can be added as an addition to your existing eavestrough system to keep it clean from leafs and reduce maintenance.

If you dont need any Gutter Guards – please leave fields blank or enter – 0 (zero).

The eavestroughs, eavestroughs with gutter guard, or gutter guard only quote that you will receive include all needed parts and labor.


Price based on minimum order of 100 ft of eavestrough for residential property (commercial properties or smaller projects are priced differently).

Price is subject to change without notice. (job complexity, accessibility, materials, etc.).

Prices will be shown is in Canadian dollar currency and will not include HST Tax.


If you have any questions or if you need an exact, no obligation, free quote and you located in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington,Brampton, Milton,Halton Hills, Etobicoke, North York or Vaughan  – please call us at 416-677-8191 of submit Request Estimate form .

    Eavestrough | Gutter (total amount; linear footage of all roof edges where eavestrough needs to be installed) (average house is about 100-350 ft linear of eavestrough):

    Corners (number of times roof line with eavestrough turns in a different direction):

    Alu-Rex | T-Rex™ (total footage of gutter guard / leaf protection / fastening system) (optional value; usually equal to eavestrough footage; if no need - enter 0):

    • Or, as an alternative

    • Alu-Rex | DoublePro™ (total footage of gutter guard / leaf protection / fastening system) (optional value; usually equal to eavestrough footage; if no need - enter 0):

      Downspouts (number of downspouts (vertical pipes) per story):

      Story 1

      Story 2

      Story 3

      Do you have existing eavestrough / gutters to be removed? (check if yes) Yes

      * estimated cost for 5" eavestrough | gutter:

      * estimated cost for 6" eavestrough | gutter:

    Alu-Rex | Gutter-Clean™ (total footage of gutter guard / leaf protection system for existing eavestrough only ):
    * includes eavestrough cleaning before installation. * price based on minimum of 100 ft product purchase.

    Story 1

    Story 2

    Story 3

    * estimated cost for Alu-Rex | Gutter-Clean™

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    Other request or comments:

    • all prices are approximate and may be changed without notice.

    • above calculator is to help you get better understanding of approximate service cost.

    • our minimum service cost is 300$.

    • for detailed pricing please contact us at 416-677-8191 or 416-875-6366.

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