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Downspouts extensions cure

New in 2015 | We are getting tough & reliable downspout re-direction tool – Zip-Hinge™ – Downspout extension is on the way and creating a “trip and fall” hazard? – Need to re-route existing downspout to drain into different locations? – Want to adjust downspout or elbows for rain-barrel set-up? – Here comes a solution […]

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Fascia and soffit repairs and installation

High winds, snow and ice, animals – major cause of soffit and fascia, downspouts damage. Aluminum fascia boards at roof gables  and downspouts are often picked by strong winds and soffit panels are lifted or damaged by squirrels, birds and raccoons trying to find a comfortable living in the roof attic. Here comes help – […]

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THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF MISSISSAUGAPROPERTY STANDARDS BY-LAW 654-9820(2) Water run-off from roof surfaces shall discharge into an eaves trough orgutter and thence to a downpipe, discharging into a storm sewer and alleaves troughs and drainpipes shall be maintained:(a) watertight and free from leaks; and(b) in working order and free from health hazards.(3) Downpipes […]

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Downspout Maintenance

More on Downspout Maintenance  Downspouts are the vertical lengths of piping attached to the sides of a home. They connect to the gutters that run vertically along the roof so that runoff water can be carried off the roof and safely away from the home, preventing damage to the structure and surrounding foundation. Downspouts are […]

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