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Maxima-Aluminum is Burlington's top eavestrough installation and repair company. We can fix or repair the following exterior parts of your home:

  • eavestrough, eaves trough, trough, eaves, rain water channel, gutter – all of these refer to the gutter fixed beneath the edge of your home's roof.

  • siding – is the material applied to the exterior of a home meant to shed water, insulate, protect the exterior of the home from the effects of weather and is a key in the visual aesthetics of the home. We offer siding that is vertical or horizontal and either aluminum or vinyl.

  • soffit – is the exposed surface beneath the overhanging area of a roof eave. Maxima-Aluminum offers soffit that is plain or vented, 2-3-4 panel.

  • fascia – is the band under a roof edge; it forms the outer surface of a cornice. Maxima-Aluminum has fascia that is 6 and 8 inches and is custom bent.

  • leafguard, leaf guard, gutter guard, gutter screen – these are pretty self-explanatory. They are barriers to prevent leafs, twigs and other debris from clogging up your eavestroughs.

  • downspout, spout, down pipe – these pipes drain water downwards so that it doesn't just sit inside the eavestroughs. Maxima-Aluminum offers downspouts that are large and small, square or rectangular, as well as optional Flex-A-Spout and Y-diverters.

Maxima-Aluminum is the best company for eavestrough installation and repair in Burlington and area. Here is why Maxima-Aluminum surpasses expectations and beats our competition:

  • we offer free estimates

  • we are honest and credible

  • we have thousands of satisfied customers (see our testimonials page to read some of the many compliments we've received)

  • we have been in business for over ten years

  • we are fully insured

  • we value each and every customer

With a 5 star rating on and an A+ rating on BBB rest assured that your eavestroughs are in the best hands. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and will be happy to answer any questions you have. Call us anytime or e-mail us and we will respond ASAP. If you would like a quote please fill out this form on the page. We aim to have a response to all Burlington quotes within one business day.